The CopterSpotter Map

HelicoptersofDC is DC's crowd-sourced heli information system.

Common Operators by Type:

Local PDs and Federal Law Enforcment - AS50 / MD52 / A139 / B429
News - B06 / R66
Park Police - B412 / B06
News / Park Police - B06
Air Force - UH1(N/H) / MH139(A)
Army/Navy/Nat'l Guard - H60 / UH72(A) / SH60(m)
Coast Guard - MH65
POTUS - V22 / VH60(N) / VH3D / VH92(A)
Medical - EC35 / EC45 / A109(e)
CopterSpotter data is voluntarily submitted and is not a measured random sample of the full population of like events.
See a helicopter over the DC area? Press the "+" icon in the bottom right to upload a photo and our CopterSpotter Vision system will try to identify its operator for you!

HelicoptersofDC was founded in 2020 by Andrew Logan and is developed by Andrew Logan & Samuel Rees .